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“When should we design our children to have genes that we would prefer?”: A Conversation with Walter Isaacson

Episode Summary

Renowned author Walter Isaacson explores themes from his new book, The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race, which has remained at the top of the bestseller lists since its publication in early March.

Episode Notes

Author Walter Isaacson has spent years chronicling the lives of the world’s most innovative minds. The former editor of TIME Magazine, Chairman of CNN, and CEO of the Aspen Institute has written bestselling works on Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs and others. In his latest book The Code Breaker, he explores the life and work of Jennifer Doudna, the Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who co-discovered CRISPR, enabling gene editing for the first time. 


In this episode, Isaacson talks about Jennifer Doudna and what CRISPR technology will mean for our world, both in terms of its medical and technical possibilities and its moral and ethical implications.